Reports of the Decisions of the Court of Appeals of the State of Colorado, Volume 10

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Halaman 402 - York of the second part witnesseth that the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and seventy seven dollars money of account of the United States to him in hand paid by the said party of the second part...
Halaman 618 - In a suit for false imprisonment, it was not error to refuse an instruction to the effect that if the jury believed from the evidence that the...
Halaman 443 - ... community, comprising men of education and men of little education, men of learning and men whose learning consists only in what they have themselves seen and heard, the merchant, the mechanic, the farmer, the laborer, these sit together, consult, apply their separate experience of the affairs of life to the facts proven, and draw a unanimous conclusion. This average judgment thus given it is the great effort of the law to obtain. It is assumed that twelve men know more of the common affairs...
Halaman 75 - Twelve months after date we, or either of us, promise to pay to the order of George W.
Halaman 532 - Two of the instructions given by the court are objected to because they contain a statement to the effect that If the jury believed from the evidence that the defendant...
Halaman 617 - The summons must be directed to the defendant, signed by the clerk, and issued under the seal of the court, and must contain: 1. The names of the parties to the action, the court in which it is brought, and the county in which the complaint is filed; 2.
Halaman 184 - No court of equity will, therefore, allow its injunction to issue to restrain their action, except where it may be necessary to protect the rights of the citizen whose property is taxed, and he has no adequate remedy by the ordinary processes of the law.
Halaman 184 - ... of a court of equity to enjoin its collection. The illegality of the tax and the threatened sale of the shares for its payment constitute of themselves alone no ground for such interposition. There must be some special circumstances attending a threatened injury of this kind, distinguishing it from a common trespass, and bringing the case under some recognized head of equity jurisdiction, before the preventive 4 XJL * T . o , A^-O^", remedy of injunction can be invoked.
Halaman 133 - ... a true copy of any application or representation of the assured which, by the terms of such policy are made a part thereof, or of the contract of insurance, or referred to therein, or which may in any manner affect the validity of such policy.
Halaman 548 - Any person may, before the trial, intervene in an action or proceeding, who has an interest in the matter in litigation, in the success of either of the parties, or an interest against both.

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