Gambar halaman

with transport, and remembered with thankful sincerity. But should youth-the want of experience—or of ability, prevent others from competing with you, we are fully assured you wish us not to make you conspicuous above those whose wishes for the success of the "Hora Sarisburienses" are equally sincere with your own, and whose utmost means are exerted on our behalf.

From each, and from all, we hope to experience that lenient criticism, which we have already happily enjoyed; nor do we think we need use an entreaty, to induce you to obtain for us the same kindness from those friends, respectively, for whose amusement, together with that of your own, our exertions have been thus feebly, but willingly, employed.

Oh! spare this schoolboy task-that riper age
May in maturer, worthier, works engage.

To check, in early spring, the teeming shoot
Can ne'er crown autumn's hours with perfect fruit :
Spare but the buds of infant genius now,

A wreath of bays may yet surround our brow.

We are,

Your grateful servants,


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