The Takeover - Stepping Into the Position of Destiny

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 160 halaman
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Jesus once said, "The words that I speak, they are spirit and they are life." The contents of this book are primarily the teachings of the bible; so the book is in essence a spiritual and practical guide to right living, and right living puts you in a place where God can effectively use you for his glory. In this light your good success will be a testimony of God's glory to the people of the world and the faithful in his kingdom. The focus on the 'good' spiritual laws operating in this world and the results of its application is detailed in pages of this book and the result is good and true success. The Takeover in summary is about the children of God realizing who they are in Him and finding their purpose as a result of knowing Him and by faith, stepping into their ordained position of destiny. Rev Valentine Ehiemua is an ordained minister of the most High God born some 27 yrs ago. Just as he was about to graduate from university with a B.BA in Marketing God saved him and called him unto himself for his purpose. After he graduated from college He resisted his call to ministry for about a year until he finally gave into God. He went to seminary and just recently graduated with a Masters degree in Theology and a certificate of Spiritual Formation. This book is the first of his many future endeavors in the service of Almighty God to reach the people of God and the unsaved alike. He currently resides in the state of Texas where he intends to serve God until the Almighty directs otherwise.

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