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Señor Romero to Mr. Frelinghuysen.


Washington, May 18, 1882. Mr. SECRETARY: Although the incident of the arrest in Mexico of the American citizens, Thomas Shields, Charles Weber, and Philip Salm, which gave rise to a call for information by the United States House of Representatives, has been terminated by the release of the arrested parties, it seems to me proper, in order to show the justice with which the Government of Mexico acted in this matter, and in accordance with what I told. you during the interview which I had with you to-day at the Department of State, to inclose to you a copy of a communication which I received yesterday from the department of foreign relations of the Mexican Government, numbered 248, and bearing date of the 2d instant.

This document contains important data in relation to this matter, although no mention is therein made of the release of the accused parties, owing to the fact that that took place subsequently. I reiterate, &c.


Señor Mariscal to Señor Romero,



MEXICO, May 2, 1892. In reply to your note, No. 141, of the 19th of April last, relative to the article published by the New York World concerning the arrest of two Americans employed in a factory at Apam, I herewith send you an extract from the antecedents of this case for your information.

Thomas Shields, Charles Weber, and Philip Salm, foreigners, who claim to be American citizens, were engaged by the manager of the glass factory at Apam as blowers, their term of service to commence early in August, 1881. Without any good cause they left the factory during that very month, notwithstanding which they were taken back in December of the same year through the mediation of Mr. James Lohse.

A month afterwards, as appears from the reports received, they again left the factory and fled to Vera Cruz, where their purpose was to embark, taking with them a certain amount of money and various articles of merchandise. They were arrested at Vera Cruz in pursuance of letters rogatory addressed by the court of first instance at Apam to the judicial authorities at Vera Cruz, an action having been brought against them before the first-named court for swindling and breach of trust, which court is diligently investigating the charges preferred against them. From the inquiries made by the court it appears that the individuals in quest on have been repeatedly arrested for drunkenness.

Although the above information was unofficially transmitted to Mr. Morgan, that gentleman presented a reclamation, on the 1st of April last, to the department under my charge, on account of the arrest of Weber and Shields. Ie was informed, in reply, that as the persons in question were not registered as citizens of any country, it was impossible to admit his official intervention in the matter oven supposing them to have exhausted all legal methods of redress, which was the proper course for them to pursue.

The foregoing report will enable you to form an idea of the legality of the action of the authorities in this case. I renew, &c.









In compliance with a House resolution, information concerning persons

prosecuting claims before the Pension Office.

APRIL 4, 1882.-Referred to the Committee on Pensions and ordered to be printed.


Washington, April 3, 1882. SIR: In compliance with a resolution of the House of Representatives, passed on the 11th of January last, I have the honor to inclose a letter from the Commissioner of Pensions, giving, so far as practicable, the information concerning persons prosecuting claims before the Pension Office requested by said resolution. Very respectfully,


Secretary. The SPEAKER

of the House of Representatires.



Washington, D. C., March 31, 1882. SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report, in response to a resolution of the House of Representatives, bearing date January 11, 1882, referred by you to this office on the 12th of that month. The resolution is as follows:


January 11, 1882. Resolved, That the Secretary of the Interior be requested to furnish this House, at his earliest convenience, the names of all business firms or persons, and the names of each member composing said firms, located in the District of Columbia, together with the business or occupation (in which] each are engaged, who prosecute claims in the Pension Bureau.


My answer to same has been necessarily delayed to the present date, by reason of the fact that much of the data necessary to a complete reply to the resolution had to be procured from the agents or attorneys themselves.

I therefore prepared the following circular letter, prefaced by a copy of the resolution, and sent the same to the last known post-office address of each agent or attorney residing in this District and prosecuting claims for pension and bounty land, as shown by the records of this bureau, viz:



Washington, D. C., January 17, 1882. Sir: For the purpose of obtaining the data necessary to furnish the information called for by the above resolution you are required to return this letter immediately, with answers to the following questions, viz:

1. What is your full name (both Christian and surname); or, if doing business as a firm, what is the full name of each member thereof?

2. What is the location of your place of business as an attorney practicing before this office, and is the same your place of residence ? (Give street and number of both residence and place of business; and if a firm, please state the same of each.)

3. Are you engaged in any business, occupation, or profession other than the prosecution of pension claims; if so, what?

In your standing before this office you will be bound by your answers to the foregoing questions. Very respectfully,



Eleven hundred and forty-nine (1,149) circular letters were accord. ingly sent to that number of persons and firms, and two hundred and eighty-five (285) full responses were received, as shown by Table A, herewith transmitted.

Fifty-nine persons and firms state their desire to be no longer recog. nized by the Pension ()ffice as agents or attorneys in the prosecution of claims, as shown by Table B.

Thirty-three (33) other persons, through the inquiry instituted by reason of the resolution, were shown to be officers or employés of the various executive, legislative, or judicial departments of the government, and while exercising the functions thereof appear, from the records of this office, to have been recognized as agents or attorneys in the prosecution of claims for pension, but they have since been disbarred under section 5498 of the Revised Statutes. Letters addressed to four hundred and fifty-two (452) other persons and firms were returned to this office as "uncalled for,” and are therefore presumably dead, or have removed from the District, as shown by Table D.

Three hundred and twenty (320) others—as shown by Table E-have declined to answer; no response whatever having been received from them. I am, sir, very respectfully,


Commissioner. Hon. S. J. KIRKWOOD,

Secretary of the Interior.


TABLE A. propounded therein :

The following named persons, 285 in number, have responded to the circular in good faith, answering fully the questions

Abraham & Mayer
Abert & Warner.......
Abbot, Howard S
Alleman, Hiram
Anderson, Alex. D
Andrews, Francis V
Armes, Charles H.
At Lee, William Y
Bailey, William F.
Bailey, Henry
Bailey, Lorenzo A.
Ballock, R. A. & Co
Bancroft, George & Co
Beall, Fillmore..
Beck & Smith
Benjamin, Charles F
Bennett, Clement W
Berlin, Henry S., & Co.
Birney & Birney.
Bigelow, Jon. G
Blackburn, Henry H.
Blackman, John S.
Blair, Woodbury
Bloss, John B...
Bond, Samuel R.
Borden, Henry C.
Boyce, Silas.
Bradford, John S.
Brainard & Brown
Brady, Eugene D. F
Bliss & Brelsford
Brooke, Albert A
Brooks, Daniel L.
Brown, Jack.
Brown, Andrew R

[blocks in formation]

Brown, Chapin.
Brown, Charles 0
Browne, Frank L
Bryan, Richard W.D
Budlong, Orpheus H
Burch, John T
Burris, William
Bursley, Lemuel
Boudinot, Ella C
Burrows & Myers
Burton, Robert A
Byrne, Pat. A
Caldwell, Charles C
Campbell, Alberto
Carrington, James MeD.
Carter, Charles M.
Chambers, David A
Chester, Augustin
Claggett, Dorsey...
Clum & Dingman.
Colegrove, James B
Conard & McAllister
Cooney, Patrick H
Coulter, Will. A
Cragin, Charles H., jr
Crane, Day o
Cralle, Jeff B
Crawford, Robert A
Critcher, John
Crocker, John S., jr
Crosby, Hannah E
Cudlip, Charles S
Culver, Charles P.
Cummings & Baker.
Curtis, Earle & Burdette.
Daniels, Joseph
Davenport, Benjamin
Deane, Lowellyn
Dennis, William I.
Denver, Arthur S.

470 Louisiana avenue
1212 G street NW
1704 Ninth street NW
1106 F street NW
1314 F street NW
St. Cloud Building
Cor. Seventh and F sts. NW
631 F street NW

923 M street NW
Hilleary Burrows, William R. Myers, G. W. Van 1314 F street NW

1424 New York avenue
701 Sixth street NW
13 Second street NE
1325 A street NE
226 Third street NW
St. Cloud Building
633 F street NW
1016 Eleventh street NW

819 Market Space
Henry R. Clum, Harrison Dingman.

816 F street NW

1303 Q street NW
William Conard, Richard McAllister

Room 95 Corcoran Building
22 I street NE
Room 13 St. Cloud Building
321 Four-and-a-half st. NW
Room 25 St. Cloud Building
1226 C street SW
1420 F street NW
St. Charles Hotel
1419 Rhode Island avenue..
20 Second street NE
711 Market Space ........

5033 D street NW
Horace S. Cummings, Henry M. Baker.

1411 F street NW
William W. Curtis, George Earle, Samuel S. Bur. 700 Ninth street NW

Corcoran Building
1306 F street, NW
515 Seventh street, NW
1425 New York avenue
1115 Pennsylvania avenue

Attorney at law

Patent attorney
Attorney at law

In no other business.
General claim agent...
Attorney at law
General claim agent

In no other business.
General claim agents.. See W. R. Myers & Co.
Attorney at law
Real estate agent
General claim agent See A masa T: C. Dodge, same address.
Attorney at law

General claim agent
Attorney at law
Real estate
General claim agents..
Attorneys at law Pension business carried on at No. 1307

Corcoran street NW.
General claim agent .. Does business before all the depart.

Attorney at law

No other business.
Attorney at law

No other business.
General claim agent

Attorney at law
Attorneys at law

Attorney at law


.do General claim agent

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