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The following.named persons, 59 in number, have returned the circu. lar, expressing themselves as no longer desiring to practice as attorneys before this office:

Names of persons or


Each member, if a firm.

Profession, or other
business occupation.


Not wishing to prosecute


Transferred claims to Alla


.. do

Abell, Lucy W.

Not stated ... Allen, James F.

Attorney at law Andrews, Chase

Not stated Bagby, Robert B. Bagger, Louis & Co Louis Bagger, August Attorneys at law

Peterson. Barrett, Oliver D

Attorney at law Beard, Henry Black, G. W:z Boyer, William W Britton & Gray

A. T. Britton, H. J. Attorneys at law
Gray, J.H.McGowin,

A. B. Brown.
Browne, Aldis B

Land claims Carr, Benjamin

Not stated. Carpenter & Argue. Z. T. Carpenter, Wm.

L. Argue. Cole, Charles W.

Attorney at law Cooper, Glen. W.

do Crocker, John S.

Not stated..
Davis, Robert S.
Donahue, Patrick J..

Attorney at law

do Dougall, William H.

Engineer Edwards, Vedantus B..

Attorney at law Fant, Hamilton G......

Broker. Fendall, Reginald

Attorney at law Gardner, Thomas J.

None stated. Gibbs, Jesse D..

Goff, George B..

None stated.
Goodloe, Daniel R.
Hamilton, George E..

Attorney at law
Harbaugh, Louis J.

None stated. Hauptman, George W.. Hine, Lemon G.

Attorney at law Hosmer, Addison A.

None stated. James, Benjamin F.

Attorney at law Jarvin, Edward.

.do Kennedy, George E.

None stated. Ker, Jacob W..

Teller national bank King, Horatio.

Foreign claims. Loomis, Silas L

Not stated Mason, Charles

Patent attorney. Milans, Henry G.

Attorney at law Morgan, Dayton

Artist Nelson, Conant C.

Not stated. Noah, Jacob J

Attorney at law Nottingham, Julian R..

Patent attorney. Parsons, Charles H...

Attorney at law Polkinborn, Jos. H.

Printer Ravenburgh, Rudolph.

Not stated Snow, Chester A

.do Spofford, Harry W

Stenographer Stevens, Oscar A.

Attorney at law Sweet, Parker H.

School teacher.. Tabor, Amon C

Physician... Taylor, George.

Not stated. Thompson, John B..

Attorney at law Van Horn, Edgar..

Not stated Watson, George F.

.do Wails, Sydney I...

Attorney at law Wallace, Irving..

Bank clerk. Wilson, E. Hart.

Not staten.. Zevely, A. N. & Son .... A. N. Zevely, H. B. Mail contractors


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The following-named persons, 33 in number, are found to be employed in some one of the (executive, legislative, or judicial] departments of the government, who, under the provisions of section 5498 of the Revised Statutes, are prohibited from acting as agents or attorneys “for prosecuting any claim against the United States."

Names of persons.

Office to which appointed.

Date of ap-

Residence or place of


Beall, John E

United States commissioner and notary Feb. 13, 1880 420 New York avenue.

public. Ball, John Notary public.....

Aug. 6, 1878 Corcoran Building.' Bundy, Charles S United States commissioner and notary July 16, 1878 456 Louisiana avenue.

public. Burrill, John G Clerk, Treasury Department.

July 1, 1880 | Saint James Hotel. Chapman, Elbridge G .. Clerk, Surgeon-General's Office. Mar. 8, 1881 | Not stated. Clark, Appleton P Notary Public

Jan. 4, 1881 220 45 street. Clark, John B., jr.. Superintendent public property, Dis. Mar. 12, 1880 District Government trict of Columbia.

Building Dufonr, Joseph C.... Clerk, Pension Office

Dec. 1, 1881 1203 T street. Fish, Roswell A .......

Clerk, assessor's office, District of Apr. 1, 1879

Columbia. Fitzgerald, Jenkins A Notary public...

May 21, 1880 Corcoran Building. Forney, Edward 0. Clerk, Patent Office

Dec. 3, 1881 514 E street N. W. Gambrill, Horace J Clerk, Pension Office

Apr. 1, 1879 1215 G street N. W. Gassaway, Henry N. Clerk, Treasury Department.

Aug. 16, 1871 | 1306 S street N W. Gist, George W .do...

Feb. 13, 1877 217 A street S. E.
Hart, Abraham
Clerk, Pension Office

Feb. 11, 1879 106 E street N. E. Harvey, James F Clerk, post-office, House of Representa- Jan. 1, 1882

Howe, Frank H. Chief clerk, Post-Office Department... Feb. 1, 1882 1225 M street.
Myron E. N Clerk, General Land Otlice

May 28, 1861 804 9th street.
Jecko, Stephen H

Aug. 8, 1879
Macrae, Nathaniel M.. Clerk, War Department.

Mar. 20, 1880
May, Edward I
Notary public..

Mar. 17, 1880 622 7th street N. W. McMurray, Robert A.. Clerk, Treasury Department

Feb. 6, 1864 Weldrum, James Notary public...

Sept. 30, 1878 624 N street. Miles, Henry R.. Superintendent District of Columbia Sept. 23, 1881 1234 16th street.

fire-alarm telegraph.
Moore, Charles S Assistant district attorney, District of

1307 F street.
Morton, William ů Clerk, House of Representatives
Nixon, Alban H Clerk, Treasury Department

Feb. 10, 1865 1529 29th street.
O'Neill, John P
Clerk, Pension Office

May 25, 1881
Sebring, James E Clerk, Treasury Department

Jan. 13, 1871 330 A street S. E.
Tyler, Edward R Clerk, Patent Office

Jan. 3, 1880
Tyssowski, Joseph
Clerk, General Land Office

Aug. 3, 1881
Wilder, William W Clerk, Treasury Department

Feb. 5, 1877 730 24th street N. W. Winn, John C Clerk, War Department..

July 2, 1879 1012 New Hampshire



The following-named firms and persons, 452 in number, have been sent the circular, addressed “ Washington, D. C.," as their last known post-office address, and the same have been returned to this office, as Guncalled for."


Adamson, A.C. Addison, D.D. Anderson & Macrae. Anderson, Ephraim F. Alvord, H. J. Allison, Charles W. Allen & Lattson. Alger & Squier. Appleby, B. Ariostrong, Henry A. Atkinson, R. J. Austin & McDevitt. Averill, C. K. Barney & Marshall. Barber, B. Russell. Banitz, D. G. Batchelder, J. B. Babcock, H. G. Baker, H. C. Banfill & Wilson. Bettis, Frank A. Bentley, R. H. Bell, J. i. Begger, Finley. Beard, G... Bean, Eliza W. Bell, Victor, Berry, Milton. Birdsall, James H. Birehard, C. W. Binckley, John M. Bigelow, A. H. Blazier, P. W. Bowie, De Croft & Co. Bodfish, Casey & Frazier. Browning & Mitchener. Brown, Johnson & Co. Brown, J. W. Brown, E.J. Brown, E. F. Brown, C. Brooks, T. B. Britton, Alice. Briggs, E. B. Breeden, William. Brackett, William, Bryant, John Bryant, J.Y. Brutenger, Fred. Buder, Robert. Butler, M. M. Butler, John M. Burns, J.I. Burgess, R. Callan, John T. Clements, W. D. Clark, M. Cain, F.J. Carroll, Philip. Camp, Emma A. Campbell, B. M. & Co. Carter, E. H. Chapman, L. L. Cherry, W. M. Childs, N., jr. Childs, S. S. Clark, E. S. & Co. Clark, J. Clark, James E. Clayton, T. G. Cleary, N. F. Cobangh, George B. Cogswell, C.C. Cohen, E.C. Coleman, W.II. Colby & Jackson. Collins, John T.

Conant, James E. Cooke, B. C. Cooke, F. L. Cook, John H. Cooke, Mamie C. Cooke, O. W. Cook, W. A. W. Cooper, D. H. Cotrell, J. D. Cottle, Albert. Cox, A.S. Craft, W.G. Cranston, James H. Creary, W.E. Crosby & Greene.* Clark, F. M. Dana, H. C. Dangerfield, W. A. Daniels, F. G. Darauhcomer, William. Darcy, A. G. Darling, Grace H. Darling, James T. Davidge & Kimball. Davis, J.R. Davis, W.R. Dawson, James. Day, George E. H. Delaney, M. De Long, w.S. Deitrich, A. J. De Zeny, W.S, Dodge, S. G. Donahue, D.C. Doolittle, Lucy. Donglass, Thomas G. Dowell, B. F. Downman & McGruder. Dowling, J. B. Downey, s. Drew & Driggs. Drury, 0. M. Dudley, H. H. Duell, R. H. Dyren forth, D. Eastman, M. Eaton, W. B. Edwards, John S. Elliott, A. V. Ellsworth, N. K. Eisinger, L. Ettinger & Co., C. D. Evang, w. Evans, W.A. Ewing, George A. Farber, E.J. Farden, James A. Ferriss, G.J. Finney, w. N. Fisher, W.J. Fitch & Morrison. Fitch & Smallwood. Foley, D. D. Forest, A. D. Foster, P. D. Fowler, Joseph L. Fowler, William. Frazer, J. William. Frazer, E. M. Fry, Joseph. Fuller, A. s. Fuller, T.J. Gallagher, B. F. Gallagher John S. Gasyler, North & Co. Gaylord, Steward & Stevens. Gaylord, W.E.

Gelatt, W. W. Gilbert Gordon. Goodrich, J.O. Gazler, A. M. Gray, George. Grant, Cook & Co. Grant, W. B. Green, Charles E. Green, W.P. Gregrey & Jones. Gregory, M. Griffith & Cook. Grietzler & Cohen. Grow, John A. Hackett, Isaac. Hall, Henry D. Hainmer, S. B. Harlan, Sarah. Harris, Joseph. Harris S. Haskell, Lydia. Haskell, Mathew. Haskins, J. W. Hatch, N. Hawes, W. B. Henry, P. M. Head, J.C. Henry, A. M. Herbert, D. F. Herron, Charles H. Hervey, A.C. Hewitt, T. P. Hill, E. Hinman, C. W. Holmes, James H. Hopkins, Thomas. House, J.C. Houston, N. T. Hunt, W.C. Hurley, B. F. M. Hyam, Alfred B. Irish & Tyler. Jackson, Fred R. Jackson, Cogswell & Pierce. Jacobs, Francis W. James, B. B. Jeliffe, William H. Jenkins & Parsons. Jenkins, J. D. Jenner, S. E. Jetfard, Alva. Johnson, D.D. Johnson, John. Johnson, J. L. Johnson J. W. Johnson & Lumkin. Johnson, Pike & Co. Jolliffe, John. Jordan, Francis. Jordan, T. W. Keller, Charles S. Kelly, Thomas. Kelsey, D. L. Kenneday, Charles. Kimball & Davidge. Kimball, Sarah A. Kindig, M. H. N. Knight, J. T. Kirby, Fayette F. Klaucke, Johnson & Co. Knight, A. A. Lalley, T. T. Lally, Thomas R. & Co. Lamborn & Whitney, Lange, James H. Langford, W.G. Lee, Cassius T.

TABLE D-Continued.

Lee, J. E.
Lemon, J.S.
Leonard, Cbauncey.
Lewis & Co., D. P.
Lieberman, Charles D.
Lind, R. C. S.
Livingston & Co., John L.
Lockwood, Ezekiel.
Loomis, John S.
Lotridge, F. A.
Lotridge, S.C. A.
Lovejoy & Herbert.
Lowenthall, Jacob.
Lowry, W. H.
Loyd, Samuel
Lunkin, Thomas.
Lyon, G. A.
Lewis, C. E.
Macher, Joseph L.
Maguire, J.T.
Malo, J. F.
Mansfield, John.
Manter, E. B.
Marburg, William.
Marsh, Richard A,
Marshall, Edward.
Martin, Andrew.
Martin, Joseph S.
Martin, Henry T.
Mathews, William.
McCarthy, Justus, jr.
McConnell & Rogers.
McGill, Charles.
McGill, George W.
McGill, John

McGraw, Thomas E.
McGuire, A.S.
McKenna, John.
McLaughlin & Reddall.
McLean, George A.
McLean, William R.
McLellan, George W.
McLellan, Dodge & Bell.
McMichael & Rothrock.
McPherson & Spaulding.
Merrill, F. E.
Millard & Barrow.
Miller, B. & D. G.
Miller, T. W.
Mills & Tucker.
Mitchell, George C. B.
Mitchell, John G.
Mitchner, C. H.
Mitchner, W.A.
Montford, J. W.
Moore, George H.
Moore, J.C.
Morton & Culver.
Mortley, John B.
Moyer & Hixon.
Munger, Charles.
Munger, Thomas.
Needham, Jobn R.
Nelson, Charles.
Newman, John G.
Niles, W.G.
Nugent, A. G.
O'Connor, Arthur H.
Osgood, Worth,
Ober, Henry B.
Owens & Wilson.
Parker, Charles M.
Parker, C. M.
Parker, George S.

Parker, H.C. Parker, Robert H. Pasons, B. B. Patterson, J. A. Patterson, Jennings. Pierson & Barton. Peck, A.J. Peck, O. S. Phillips, J.C. Pierce, E. W. Pierce & Burgess. Pierce, L. B. Pierce, W.R. Pleasant & Winder, Pleasant, Charles E. Post, Lydia M. Primrose & North, Proctor, J.C. Prospin, James. Pulester, John H. Ramsey, D. Raymond, Cassandria. Reardon, George E. Reed, James. Reigbard, F.J. Reilly, John H. Reynolds, Eva M. Rice, Burton & Wilcox. Rice, Grafton & Co. Richardson, J. E. Rider, Thomas F.J. Roberts, Alpheus. Roberts, J. L. Robinson, Edward B. Robinson, Robert B. Rogers, James W. Rogers, L. F. Rooker, W. B. Ross, W. W. Routhwell, G. W. Sellick, Y. W. Spates, A. Worth. Sears, Bernard. Smith, T. W., jr. Smith, Charles P. Slattery, George. Sayre, C. S. Dalter, Francis. Schmidt, E. L. Sharp, Isaac. Sherman, E.J. Sherman & Handy. Sherbley, P. W. Shuman, C. N. Simpson, L. D. Sinclair, John C. Skinner, H. L. Skinner, St. J. L. B. Smith, Andrew K. Smith, A. T. Smith, Charles M. Smith & Beck. Smith, H. D. Smith, J.G. Spark, A. R. Stapton, Fred. P. Stanforth, Maria S. Stevens, Hector S. Stells, E. B. Stewart, J. E. Stewart, J. B. Stiles, H. L. Stock, J. F. Strachen, S. S.

Stribler, C.C. A. Strebeling, Herman. Sullivan, Emil. Sullivan, Patrick. Sweatland, S. H. Shaw, W. B. Taylor, Charles. Thomas, C. N. Thompson, George F. Thompson, L. & C. Thompson, M. Thorn, Owen. Tileston, W. M. Trunnell, C. H. Trunnell, W. D. True, L. B. Tucker, Elizabeth. Tucker. George C. Tucker & Mills. Todd, William B. Underwood, E. Vance, LJ. Vale, L. W. Van Mater, W. H. Ver Plank, J.G. Voorhees, J. W. Warren, A. B. Woods, E. M. Wharton, F. M. Wilson, Lawrence. Wadsworth, Mary.. Waite, C. B. Wakefield, George H. Wallingford, M. Walsh, F.S. Walter, T. M. Walton, J.C. Ward, William. Warner, J. W. Wayne, L. B. Weakley, F. E. Weaver, C.A. Webster, A. C. H. & Co. Welsh, D. Welsh, P. H. Westfall, J. W. Wetmore, J.C. Wetson, Joseph F. Whiting, Mary. Wilber, Charles M. Wilkinson, M. G. Wilkins, S. M. Willard, Edward. Williamson & Ruffin. Williams, Roger. Wilson, Herbert A. Wilson, James. Wilson, J.H. Wilson, L. D. Wilson & McKee. Wilson & Suger. Wilson, Thomas. Winsall, H. T. Wood, Charles M. Woodcock, W.M. Wonder, George 0. H. Wunderly, Isaac B. Worthington, G. F. Wright, F.G. Wunnell, W. D. Zachroy, J.G. Zeinstein, J.H. Zulick, M.C.


The following-named persons have not responded to circular sent them, No. 320 :

Abert, William S. Aistrop, E. P. Ashby & Newman. Archer, J. B. Atlee, Samuel G. Abert, Charles. Albright, J. B. Bennett, C. W. Bingham, L. Bishop, C. E. Burgess, George. Blackford, W. D. Bramhall & Crocker, Brinklehoff, Roeliff. Barr, D. A. Burton, C. H. Brown, John S. Brown, A. K. Benedict & McLellan. Blankman, J. S. Bradley, A. C. Burr, Å. D. V. Barnard, Job. Britten, A. T. Brown, W. H. Barney, E. D. Beal, John F. Bowes, John. Butterfield, John W. Bradshaw, Aaron. Brooks, John S. Brooke, A. A. Bradley, A. T. Billings, George W. Balloch, George S. Blackford, s. $. Boyer, Cortland. Benson, Simon D. Brooks, Edwin J. Brown, A. B. Blazer, P. W. Causten, James H. Clarke, E. W. Cox, Harry. Cox, Roland. Carusi, Thornton. Cohen, Emile. Clements, John F. Clark, John T. Campbell, C. W. Conn, G. W. Cook, H. D. Clark, William P. Cuppy, F. P. Coyle, F. Castleman, S. D. Cooper, G. W. Cutts, J. M. Coleman, W. W. Callan, M. S. Cooke & Grant. Cole, Charles C. Cathbert, Lucius M. Colgrove, J. B. Cooksey, J. W. Clark, Allan C. Cook & Griffith. Carter, James B. Cate, Earl H. Clements, Samuel B. Carpenter, J. W. Crocker, F. W. Carrington, James McD. Coyle, Randolph. Cox, John C. Dannenhower, W. W. Dickens, F. A. Dufour & O'Neill. Draper, A. H. Daniels, A. M.

Dyer, George W. Dorris, John N. Davis, Theodore D. Duvall, Lamach. Daniels, Henry A. Draper, N. C. Dickson, William. De Haas, Willis. Elliott, R. K. Evans, W. M. Ewing, Charles. Edmonson, Reese B. Evans, Alex. H. Fitch & Fox. Fay, John C. French, George E. B. Fowles, G. B. Fullerton, T, C. & Co. Fowler & Mason. Frayser, C. C. Forrest, Edwin. Frizzell, w. J. Fisher, W.J. Flenner & Brown. Frecker, William. Freeman, Benjamin. Gregory, Malcolm. Gilliland, James. Graham, George F. Gilbert. William J. Griswall, W.C. Groux, D. E. & Co. Grafton & Payne. Gangewer, A. H. Gatchell & Royce. Gordon, J. H. Griffin, T. N. Hughes, A. M. Henderson & McAllister. Hyam, B. D. Herron, Somes & Co. Henry & Walker. Hime, D. L. Hill & Hime. Harris. C. M. B. Hall, E. J. Harvey, Frank. Harvey, F. L. Hastings, E. O. F. Henry, W.J. Hannon, C. P. Hawes, J. H. Harrington, G. P. Hartley, W. B. Hill & Trevitt. Higgins, M. L. Henkle, S. S. Hagner, Randall. Hackett, Frank W. Horner, Charles W. Heisley, James R. Halstead, John J. Hodnett, John B. Holcomb, Luce & Johnson. Hayden, Henry J. Humes & Lee. Hugle, Julius. Hutchinson, Robert. Howard, Edward. Henderson, William G. Hayes, Charles S. Hunter, J. H. Ireland, William N. Johnson, Brown & Co. Jackson, R. P. Jarvin, Lewis. Jackson, F. R. Jeffries, W.L. Jackson, A. H. James, B. F.

Jenner, S. E.
Johnson, Seth.
Johuson, William C.
Jones, Abraham.
Jordan, William K.
King, Henry.
Key, J.J.
Keusill, R. B.
Koons, F.
Kirk, S. S.
Keil, Alias M.
Kelly, Thomas.
Kookegy, W.P.
Keach, P.L.
Kenny, John.
Lathrop, Charles E.

William P.
Loyd, William L.
Lamborn, J. H.
Leonard, G. H.
Lynch, Alex.
Leggett, W.W.
Lalley, É. T.
Lowe & Archer:
Leighton, B. F.
Levisee, Á. B.
Luce & Johnsoir..
Lee, Cazenova G.
Lorejoy, Benjamin G.
La Truitt, Washington.
Ladd, Story B.
McCutcheon, John H.
McEwen, Charles A.
Millard & Barrows.
McWilliam, Hugh.
Mazzy, A. W.
Mix, Charles E.
McHenry, R. W.
Miller, Francis.
Mandeville, James H.
Morse, Alex. P.
Morgan, W. H.
Mussey, R. D.
Meiere, J. E.
McRae, A. H.
Meigs, F. P. & W.
Moore & Parvis.
Meloy, W.A.
McPerkins, J.C.
Marshall & Barney.
Morrison & Fitch.
Mitchell, Joseph T.
Maddox, Sam.
McElroy, Horace W.
McAllister, R., jr.
McMurray, R. Ä.
Meldrum, W.G.
Martin, J. T.
May, Edward H.
Mayne, William H.
Miller, William J.
McClain, L. Dow.
Murray, Robert J.
North, J. Bertram.
Nealy, C. G. & S. H.
North & Burch.
Newton, Frank.
O'Neill, W.O.
Odlum, Robert E.
Orr, William G.
Parris, Samuel B.
Pitcher, Charles A.
Piggott, Jennings.
Pecre, Coggswell & Co.
Poole, Charles E.
Parks, C. M.
Poor, John C.
Perryman, John D.
Pray, H. H.
Peiror, Richard E.

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