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A.-Statement showing States and corporations to which grants hare

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Atlantic and Pacific July 27, '66 14 292 Granting act. Required com-
Railroad Company.

pletion of the whole of the

main line by July 4, 1878.
Apr. 20, '71 17 19 Authorized the company to

mortgage its road, lands,

Missouri, main line ...
Arkansas, main line..
Arkansas, branch...
Indian Territory, main

Indian Territory,

Texas, main line ...
New Mexico, main line
Arizona, main line
Nevada, main line.
California, main line


Southern Pacific Rail. July 27, '66 | 14 292 Sec. 18. Granting act. Reroad Company of Cal.

quired completion of the ifornia, main line.

whole road by July 4, 1878. July 25, '68' 15 187 Allowed the company until

July 1, 1870, for construction

of the first 30 miles of road.
June 28, '70 | 16 382 Resolution. Authorized con.

struction on the route indi.
cated by the map filed in
the Interior Department
January 3, 1867, and pro-
vided for issue of patents
for lands along each section

Oregon Central Rail May 4, '70 16 94 Granting act. Required com.
road Company.

pletion of the entire road
within six years from the
date of the act.

Oregon, main l'ne.....
Oregon, branch ....

been made to aid in the construction of railroads-Continued. - Continued.


(No grant in Texas. No withdrawal of lands within

the limits of this grant in Nevada and Indian Terri

tory has been ordered. In addition to the amount pat

ented in Missouri, here given, 429,084.18 acres certified to said State prior to July 27, 1866, and 3,130.97 acres patented to the State after that date, all under the grant of June 10, 1852 (10 Stat., p. 8), for the Pacific and Southwestern Branch Railroad, are now charged against the grant to the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company as successor to a portion of the former com

pany's road The land patented in Arkan

sas is within the 30 mile (indemnity) limit of the main

line in Missouri. No date fixed for completion

of the branch. Allowance made for overlapping limits of main line and branch in Indian Territory.


A.-Statement showing States and corporations to which grants have

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been made to aid in the construction of railroads, &c.—Continued. -Continued.

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