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and that is what he puts upon sinners, and that by which their sins are covered. Wherefore he saith, “ As by one man's disobedience many were made sinners; so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous."c*

Chr. But are the other righteousnesses of no use to us?

GREAT. Yes; for though they are essential to his natures and office, and cannot be communicated unto another, yet it is by virtue of them that the righteousness that justifies is for that purpose efficacious. The righteousness of his Godhead gives virtue to his obedience; the righteousness of his manhood giveth capability to his obedience to justify; and the righteousness that standeth in the union of these two natures to his

c Rom. v. 19. * Here Mr. Bunyan gives a very clear and distinct account of that righteousness of Christ, as Mediator, which he wrought out by his perfect obedience to the law of God, for, and in behalf of all his seed : and which righteousness is imputed to them by God the Father, through faith; and in this one righteousness, and in no other, believers in Christ are made perfectly righteous before God. And by this righteousness, and no other, they are fully justified from all condemnation in the sight of God. Of this righteousness, therefore, they glory, and their souls make their boast of it, saying, In the Lord, Jehovah-Jesus, have I righteousness, Isa. xlv. 24. Reader, study this point deeply, so as to be established in it. It is not of a speculative nature, but is of the essence of the gospel, enters into the life and joy of faith, brings relief to the conscience, and influences to the love of the Lord our righteousness, and to bring forth the fruits of righteousness, which are by him to the praise and glory of God. Nothing can be of greater importance to our souls than to be fully informed, and scripturally assured, how we, who are sinners before God, are made perfectly righteous and everlastingly justified in his sight. This will bring comfort to our souls in the day of life, and administer divine consolation in the hour of death. Therefore, be strong in the faith of thy Lord's righteousness being thine, and thou shalt be joyful in hope, comfortable in love, and steady in all holy obedience.

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office, giveth authority to that righteousness to do the work for which it was ordained.

So then here is a righteousness that Christ, as God, has no need of; for he is God without it. Here is a righteousness that Christ, as man, has no need of to make him so, for he is perfect man without it. Again, here is a righteousness, that Christ, as God-man, has no need of, for he is perfectly so without it. Here then is a righteousness that Christ, as God, and as God-man, has no need of, with reference to himself, and therefore he can spare it; a justifying righteousness, that he for himself wanteth not, and therefore giveth it away. Hence it is called “ the gift of righteousness." This righteousness, since Christ Jesus the Lord has made himself under the law, must be given away; for the law doth not only bind him that is under it, to do justly, but to use charity. Wherefore he must, or ought by the law, if he hath two coats, to give one to him that has none. Now, our Lord indeed hath two coats, one for himself, and one to spare : wherefore he freely bestows one upon those that have none. And thus, Christiana and Mercy, and the rest of you that are here, doth your pardon come by deed, or by the work of another man. Your Lord Christ is he that worked, and hath given away what he wrought for, to the next poor beggar he meets.

But again, in order to pardon by deed, there must something be paid to God as a price, as well as something prepared to cover us withal. Sin has delivered us up to the just curse of a righteous law : now from this curse we must be justified by way of redemption, a price being paid for the harms we have done ; and this is by the blood of your Lord, who came and stood in your place and stead, and died your death for your



transgressions. Thus has he ransomed you from your transgressions by blood, and covered your polluted and deformed souls with righteousness ;d for the sake of which, God passeth by you, and will not hurt you when he comes to judge the world.*

Chr. This is brave: now I see that there was something to be learned by our being pardoned by word and deed. Good Mercy, let us 10%. OP BEDEMPlabour to keep this in mind; and, my children, do you remember it also. But, sir, was not this it that made my good Christian's burden fall from off his shoulders, and that made him give three leaps for joy ?

GREAT. Yes, it was the belief of this that cut those strings, that could not be cut by HOW THE STRINGS other means; and it was to give him a IM WERE CUE. proof of the virtue of this, that he was suffered to carry his burden to the cross.

Chr. I thought so; for though my heart was lightsome and joyous before, yet it is ten times more lightsome and joyous now. And I am persuaded by what I have felt, (though I have felt but little as yet,) that if the most burdened man in the world was here, and did see and believe as I now do, it would make his heart the more merry and blithe.

GREAT. There is not only comfort, and the ease of a burden, brought to us, by the sight and HOW APPECTION TO consideration of these, but an endeared THE SOUL.

d Rom. viii. 34. Gal. iii. 13. * Thus we see what God hath joined together—the life and death, the atonement and righteousness, of his beloved Son, for the salvation of our souls. Both enter into the essence of the faith of the gospel. Let us beware never to separate them in our views. We want both his blood to atone for our sins, and his righteousness to justify our souls. O give glory to Jesus for both, and triumph in both from day to day on earth, till you come to cast down your crowns at his feet, and to crown Christ with all his glory in heaven.




affection begot in us by it; for who can (if he doth but once think that pardon comes not only by promise, but thus,) but be affected with the way and means of his redemption, and so with the man that hath wrought it for him ?*

Chr. True : methinks it makes my heart bleed to think that he should bleed for me. Oh, thou loving One! Oh, thou blessed One! Thou deservest to have

M1 me; thou hast bought me; thou deservest

to have me all.; thou hast paid for me ten thousand times more than I am worth! No marvel that this made the tears stand in my husband's eyes, and that it made him trudge so nimbly on: I am persuaded he wished me with him ; but, vile wretch that I was, I let him come all alone. O Mercy, that thy father and mother were here; yea, and Mrs. Timorous also : nay, I wish now with all my heart that here was Madam Wanton too. Surely, surely, their hearts would be affected; nor could the fear of the one, nor the powerful lusts of the other, prevail with them to go home again, and refuse to become good pilgrims.

* Come hither, ye sons of the sorceress, who make a sport of holy raptures and heavenly ecstasies, begotten in the soul by the knowledge of redemption in the blood of Christ, the forgiveness of our sins. Laugh on till ye howl in destruction, for despising salvation by the blood of the Lamb: but we will exult and triumph, sing of, and rejoice in, Jesus the God of our salvation, in spite of your sport at us; and notwithstanding also the frowns and contempt of you too, who are dead formalists, and know nothing of having your hearts warmed, and your affections inflamed, by the love of a redeeming God and Saviour, and finding yourselves broken-hearted sinners before him, and pardoned and justified sinners by him. O for more ardent affections for our Beloved !

* O brave Christiana! See what it is to have one's heart inflamed with a sense of the love of Christ. Here observe two things: first, that when the affections are thus powerfully carried out, it is no uncommon thing for the tongue to speak unguardedly. Thus Peter upon

GREAT. You speak now in the warmth of your affections : will it, think you, be always thus with you ? Besides, this is not communicated to every one, nor to every one that did see your Jesus bleed. There were that stood by, and that saw the blood run from his heart to the ground, and yet were so far off this, that, instead of lamenting, they laughed at him; and, instead of becoming his disciples, did harden their hearts against him. So that all that you have, my TO BE APPECTED daughters, you have by peculiar impression WITH WHAT HE HAS made by a divine contemplating upon whats I have spoken to you. Remember, that 'twas told you, that the hen, by her common call, gives no meat to her chickens. This you have therefore by a special


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the mount said, “ It is good to be here : let us make three tabernacles. But he knew not what he said,” Mark ix. 6. So Christiana thinks every one would naturally be affected as she was, if they were present: but she forgets, that what she sees, and feels, is of special, peculiar, distinguishing grace. Secondly, Beware of thinking slightly of having the affections thus divinely inflamed. Many poor, dry, formal professors go on year after year quite easy and contented, without any incomes of ravishing love and spiritual joy. They are content with the cold light of the moon, without the genial warmth of the sun : with clear notions of truth in their heads, without their hearts being warmed, and their affections carried out by the powerful influence of the love of Jesus; for he says, “ Ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full,” John xvi. 24.

* Mind how tenderly Great-heart deals with warm-hearted Christiana. He does not attempt to damp her joy, and throw cold water upon the fire of her affections; but gently insinuates, first, the peculiar frame of mind she speaks from: secondly, by a gentle hint suggests, that she must not always expect to be in such raptures : and, thirdly, reminds her, that her indulgences were of a peculiar nature, not common to all, but bestowed upon the faithful in Christ only. And that therefore, amidst all her joyful feelings, she should know to whom she was indebted for them, and give all the glory to the God of all grace.

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