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When they were returned out of the garden from the bath, the Interpreter took them, and looked upon them, and said unto them, “ Fair as the moon.” Then he called for the seal, wherewith they used to be sealed

was that were washed in his bath. So the seal was SKALED brought, and he set his mark upon them, that they might be known in the places whither they were yet to go. Now the seal was the contents and sum of the passover which the children of Israel did eat when they came out of the land of Egypt ;' and the mark was set between their eyes. This seal greatly added to their beauty, for it was an ornament to their faces. It

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sanctification. What may we understand by it? The blood of Jesus, which cleanses us from all sin, 1 John i. 7. Christ is the fountain opened for sin and for uncleanness, Zech. xiii. 1. Christ is the soul's only bath. As all baths are for the health and purification of the body; such is this bath to the soul. But, unless a bath be used, and water applied, this cannot be effected. So, unless we have recourse to Christ, we cannot enjoy the comfort of health and purification of soul. But the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier, convinces us of sin, shows us our freshcontracted spots and defilements, and leads us to the blood of the Lamb. The Spirit bears witness to this blood, and purifies and comforts by the application of this blood only. O how does this enliven and strengthen our souls, by filling our consciences with joy and peace in believing! Let us bless our dear Saviour for such a bath. Let us pray him to keep us from being so hardened through the deceitfulness of sin, as not to feel our want of it; or so blinded by a false notion of our own perfection, as not to see our constant need of this fountain. The fountain of Christ

This fountain from guilt
I ever will sing;

Not only makes pure,
The blood of our Priest, And gives, soon as felt,
Our crucified King;

Infallible cure;
Which perfectly cleanses But if guilt removed

From sin, and from filth; Return and remain,
And richly dispenses

Its pow'r may be proved
Salvation and health.

Again and again.



also added to their gravity, and made their countenances more like those of angels.*

Then said the Interpreter again to the damsel that waited upon these women, Go into the vestry, and fetch out garments for these people. So she went and fetched out white raiment, and laid it down before him; so he commanded them to put it on :t it was “fine linen, white and clean.” When the women were thus adorned, they seemed to be a terror one to the other; for that they could not see that glory each one had in herself, which they could see in, each other. Now, therefore, they began to esteem each other better than themselves. For, You are fairer than I am, said one; and, You are more comely than I am, said another. The children also stood amazed, to see into what fashion they were brought. I

* This means the sealing of the Spirit, whereby they were sealed unto the day of redemption, Eph. iv. 30. O this is blessed sealing! None know the comfort and joy of it, but those who have experienced it. It confirms our faith, establishes our hope, and inflames our affections to God the Father, for his everlasting love; to God the Son, for his everlasting atonement and righteousness; and to God the Spirit, for his enlightening mercy, regenerating grace, quickening, sanctifying, testifying, and assuring influences, whereby we know that we are the children of God, for “the Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirits, that we are the children of God,” Rom. viii. 16. All the comfort of our souls lies in keeping this seal clear in our view, and constant in our sight. Therefore grieve not the Holy Spirit.

+ Mind, they are commanded to put it on. Though God imputes the righteousness of his beloved Son to sinners, yet it is received and put on by faith. Hence it is called the righteousness of God, 2 Cor. v. 21. and the righteousness of faith, Rom. x. 6. Christ the God-man wrought it out, God the Father imputes it, and faith receives it, under the influence of God the Spirit. God's imputation does not supersede faith's acceptation of his Son's righteousness.

This is always the case, when souls are clothed in the robe of Christ's righteousness. They are little, low, and mean in their own eyes, and they esteem each other better than themselves: whereas they, The Interpreter then called for a man-servant of his, one Great-heart, and bid him take a sword, and helmet, and shield; and take these my daughters, said he; conduct them to the house called Beautiful, at which place they will rest next. So he took his weapons, and went before them; and the Interpreter said, God speed. Those also that belonged to the family sent them away with many a good wish. So they went on their way, and sang

This place hath been our second stage:

Here we have heard and seen
Those good things, that from age to age

To others hid have been.
The dunghill-raker, spider, hen,

The chicken, too, to me
Have taught a lesson : let me then

Conformed to it be.
The butcher, garden, and the field,

The robin and his bait,
Also the rotten tree, doth yield

Me argument of weight;
To move me for to watch and pray,

To strive to be sincere :
To take my cross up day by day,

And serve the Lord with fear.

Now I saw in my dream, that these went on, and Great-heart before them ; so they went, and came to the place where Christian's burden fell off his back, and tumbled into a sepulchre. Here then they made a pause ; here also they blessed God. Now, said Christiana, it comes to my mind what was said to us at the gate, to wit, that we should have pardon by word and deed; by word, that is, by the promise; by deed, to wit, in the way it was obtained. What the promise is, of that I know something : but what it is to have pardon by deed, or in the way that it was obtained, Mr. Greatheart, I suppose you know; wherefore, if you please, let us hear your discourse thereof.

who at all look to, trust in, or depend upon their own righteousness, in any degree, for their clothing and justification before God, always look down with an air of supercilious contempt upon others, who they think are not so righteous as themselves. This is contrary to living by faith upon, and looking wholly to Jesus. Lord, hide self-righteous pride from my heart, and sink me into the depth of deepest humility, that I may ever glory of thee, and in thee, in whom I am perfectly righteous !

Great. Pardon by the deed done, is pardon obtained by some one, for another that hath need thereof: not by the person pardoned, but in the way, saith another, in which I have BY CHRIST. obtained it. So then, to speak to the question more at large, the pardon that you, and Mercy, and these boys, have attained, was obtained by another; to wit, by him that let you in at the gate : and he hath obtained it in this double way: he hath performed righteousness to cover you, and spilt his blood to wash you in.*


* This, this is the comfort, joy, and glorying of a pilgriin's heart. Hath Jesus performed righteousness to cover us, and spilt blood to wash us? Have we the faith of this ? O how ought we to love him, glory of him, rejoice in him, and study to glorify him in every step of our pilgrimage! But Satan will envy us the comfort of this, and strive to spoil our rejoicing in it. And corrupt teachers will separate here. Many will speak highly of the blood of Christ being shed for our redemption, but oppose his righteousness being imputed to us, to cover, adorn, and justify us; and, instead of this, they will set up an inherent righteousness of their own, in opposition to the righteousness of Christ. As we love our souls, value our peace, comfort, and joy springing from the belief of the truth; and as we regard the honour and glory of our dear Lord, let us be on our guard against such proud, self-righteous, self-justifying, soul-deceiving teachers; for they enr, not knowing the scriptures.

Chr. But if he parts with his righteousness to us, what will he have for himself?

GREAT. He has more righteousness than you have need of, or than he needeth himself.

Chr. Pray make that appear.

GREAT. With all my heart: but first I must premise, that he, of whom we are now about to speak, is one that has not his fellow. He has two natures in one person, plain to be distinguished, impossible to be divided. Unto each of these natures a righteousness belongeth, and each righteousness is essential to that nature. So that one may as easily cause the natures to be extinct, as to separate its justice or righteousness from it. Of these righteousnesses, therefore, we are not made partakers, so as that they, or any of them, should be put upon us, that we might be made just, and live thereby. Besides these, there is a righteousness which this person has, as these two natures are joined in one. And this is not the righteousness of the Godhead, as distinguished from the manhood ; nor the righteousness of the manhood, as distinguished from the Godhead; but a righteousness which standeth in the union of both natures, and may properly be called the righteousness that is essential to his being prepared of God to the capacity of the mediatory office, which he was entrusted with.* If he parts with his first righteousness, he parts with his Godhead: if he parts with his second righteousness, he parts with the purity of his manhood: if he parts with his third, he parts with that perfection which capacitates him for the office of mediation.

He has therefore another righteousness, which standeth in performance, or obedience to a revealed will :

* Pray attend closely to this scriptural distinction and definition of Christ's righteousness.

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