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Dirgan Publishing, 17 Mei 2018 - 156 halaman



love you with sincerity, O wind

as well as love the poor friends of the poor

because the roof-like wall of dreams most wanted

when fate forced him to be a skipper without a cabin


I never cursed the lips that call the propeller

though life stems from a spinning wind

not a machine that repeatedly spice bearing

or the burning of the now-faced alien fossils


we are relying on life from the puffs to the wind

then work on the two wheels that intersect

such as fertile fields with seeds that are propagated

but our routine sirami though no rain


we believe that every job

starting from a slow change

then learn from the surviving snails

from the enemy's invasion and the threat of hunger


we believe that every effort

beating out of impermanent mercy

then think about the fallen tree after being slaughtered

decompose and then left the decomposing mushrooms


because that's how the opportunity arose

not the fruit of the waiting-luck

but from event after event

which was originally an ordinary affair


fighting to release you from a dark embrace

without ever awakening a bunch of smoke

is a mission that is very sacred

without carrying the strings on another day

without contaminating the baby's gentle nose

small children, and nursing mothers


oh, no matter how fast we run

keep the heart back where we started


Surakarta, November 25-28, 2013


The poem was published in Suara Merdeka newspaper, December 1, 2013.


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Lasinta Ari Nendra Wibawa, S.T., was born in Sukoharjo, January 28, 1988. He writes popular scientific articles, essays, opinions, reviews, reports, poems, short stories, and songs. His work has been published in 72 local and national media, including Kompas, Jawa Pos, Seputar Indonesia, Media Indonesia, Basis, Horison, Annida, Sabili, Swara Nasional, Sabana, Sagang, NGI, Psikologi Plus, Gaul, Keren Beken, Aneka Yess, Suara Muhammadiyah, Sumut Pos, Medan Bisnis, Riau Pos, Metro Riau, Haluan, Ogan Ilir Ekspres, Tanjungpinang Pos, Sriwijaya Post, Pontianak Post, Banjarmasin Post, Mata Banua, Kendari Pos, Cakrawala, Sinar Harapan, Pikiran Rakyat, Indopos, Satellite Post, Suara Merdeka, Solopos, Merapi Renewal, Joglosemar, Cempaka, Radar Surabaya, Malang Post, Radar Banyuwangi, Koran Madura, Bali Post, Pos Bali, and Cenderawasih Pos. Dozens of times he won the authorship contest, among others the 1st winner of article writing contest at national level held by IMM Ki Bagus Hadikusumo (2010), the 1st winner in writing articles contest held by BEM FKIP UNS (2010), the 2nd winner of writing articles contest by LPM Motivasi of FKIP UNS (2010), his scientific work passed the selection of PKM Dikti in 2010 & 2011, the 1st winner of poetry writing contest held by Young Writer Indonesian Community (2010), the favorite winner of LMCR Rohto in 2010 & 2011, 1st winner of poetry writing contest commemorating Chairil Anwar (2011), the 1st winner of essay writing contest held by KAMMI Barabai-South Kalimantan (2012), the 1st winner of poetry writing contest at national level held by AGP Publisher (2013), and the 1st winner of poetry writing contest at national level held by FAM Indonesia in 2014 and 2017. His work is also published in over 30 joint anthology books, including The Different Shapes After Chairil (YHPI, 2016), Nun (YHPI, 2015), Port Red (Riau Pos, 2015), About the City that Keeps Takbir in Beats Chest (FAM Publishing, 2015), Bicycle to the Moon (Indopos, 2014), State of Sky (Kosakatakita, 2014), Anger (Gramedia, 2013), Locked in Own Country (AGP, 2013), Book Writing for Teens (Soedjatmoko Hall, 2013), Flows into the Sink into the Gutter (Shell, 2012), Diverse (Shell, 2012), Ukara Geni (Pawon, 2012), Reject Forgot (Unggun Religi, 2010), and Phantasy Poetica (PM Publisher, 2010). His name entered the book tittle of What and Who of the Indonesian Poet (YHPI, 2017). His first book of poetry entitled Alpha Centauri (Shell, 2012). His another book of poetry entitled Pioneering Drizzle (Mujahid Press, 2015) and Windmill Lesson (Buku Katta, 2017) - which is a duet with Kinanthi Anggraini. In 2018, he published the book Designing 3D Rocket Components with Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017 and Simulation of Component Strength of Rocket Testing Facilities Using Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017. Several times he became a keynote speaker about the science and technology in Solopos FM radio. Since 2014, the alumnus of Mechanical Engineering UNS is working as a civil servant at National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN). In 2017, he was elected to be one of the LAPAN Change Agents. Currently, he received a scholarship from LAPAN to continue his studies at Master Program of Mechanical Engineering in Sebelas Maret University (UNS), Surakarta.

Kinanthi Anggraini, M.Pd., was born in Magetan, January 17, 1989. Her poetry has been published in 57 local and national media, including Horison, Media Indonesia, Indopos, Suara Merdeka, Pikiran Rakyat, Basis, Sinar Harapan, Riau Pos, Banjarmasin Post, Lampung Pos, Solopos, Suara Karya, Bali Post, Tanjungpinang Pos, Minggu Pagi, Sumut Pos, Bangka Pos, Malang Pos, Sagang, Joglosemar, Radar Bojonegoro, Radar Surabaya, Radar Bekasi, Radar Banjarmasin, Rakyat Sumbar, Swara Nasional, Bangka Belitung Pos, Ogan Ilir Ekspres, Haluan, Koran Madura, Medan Bisnis, Mata Banua, Metro Riau, Pos Bali, Ekspresi, Bong-Ang, Puailiggoubat, Cakrawala, Suara NTB, Jurnal Masterpoem Indonesia, and Fajar Sumatera. Her poetry is also contained in dozens of anthology books together. She won 1st winner of poetry writing contest held by Gerbang Sastra in 2014 and 2nd winner of Headscarf Tutorial Competition held by Koran Bogor in 2015. Her published book is titled Mata Elang Biru (Pustaka Puitika, 2014). The alumnus of Master of Science Education UNS is living in Garut, Indonesia.

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