Values Leadership: Toward a New Philosophy of Leadership

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Praeger, 1 Jan 1991 - 243 halaman
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Both what leaders do--management--and what they plan for the future--leadership--is faulty today. Performance is low, commitment to excellence is lacking, our expectations are low, unchallenging, and unrealistic. That said, Gilbert W. Fairholm goes on to propose a new philosophical conception of leadership--one that is values-driven, change-oriented, and developmental. Fairholm contends that past theories fail to consider group values as a constraint on leadership performance, and he proposes the constitutional values of respect for life, freedom, happiness, justice, and unity as the basis for a suitable philosophical leadership model. In short, leaders make a priority of one or more of these founding values in addition to any others used in setting their organization's vision. In turn, that vision is the basis of a leader-set organizational culture that applies these values to interpersonal relationships." Values Leadership" uses current literature and independent research to provide the rationale for this new thinking on leadership.

Divided into three major sections, this twelve-chapter volume reviews the current values-oriented leadership theories; proposes a philosophy of what leaders should think about and value in performing this important, innovative task into the twenty-first century. It details some of the new technologies modern leaders must adopt in striving for excellence in their leadership. The last chapter defines and elaborates the results sought by values leadership theory. Scholars and students in management, public administration, organizational behavior, and psychology as well as professionals in management roles will find this evolving theory of leadership a unique tool for the tasks and missions of the next century.

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Overview of Current and Past Leadership
comings of Current Models
Elaboration of the Values Model
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GILBERT W. FAIRHOLM is Associate Professor of Public Administration at Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition to his sixteen years in university teaching, he has seventeen years of managerial experience in state and local government. His many articles have appeared in publications such as The American City Magazine, State Government, and Municipal Management.

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