Tropical forests and their crops

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Comstock Pub. Associates, 1992 - 568 halaman
A threatened resource. Distribution and composition of tropical forests. Centers of diversity. Biodiversity, deforestation, and population growth. Driving forces. Crop gene pools. Beverage and confectionnery crops. Coffee. Caco. Cupuaçu. Major fruits of the forest. Mango. Citrus. Pineapple. Avocado. Guava. Papaya. Sapodilla. Passionfruits. Regional fruits. Durian. Rambutan. Annonaceous fruits. African plum. Indian jujube. Rubber oil and resins. Rubber. Oil palm. Balsams. Tropical pines. Daily bread. Bananas and plantains. Breadfruit. Peach palm. Sago palm. Fuelwood, fodder, and woody grasses. Leucaena. Bamboos. Spices and natural foods colorants. Clove. Cinnamon and cassia. Vanilla. Annatto. Nuts. Cashew. Brazil nut. Macadamia. A new cornucopia. The plant domestication process. A starting point for the search. Some crop candidates. Prospects for adoption. Conservation strategies. Ex situ conservation. In situ conservation. Realizing the potential. Conservation and sustainable development. Secure resource bases. Reaping the harvest. Research priorities for marginal lands. The quarantine bottleneck. Personnel requeriments. Finding a way forward.

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Beverage and Confectionery Crops
Major Fruits of the Forest
Regional Fruits
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