Theory and practice in clinical social work

Sampul Depan
Free Press, 1 Feb 1997 - 720 halaman
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Theory and Practice in Clinical Social Work is the authoritative handbook for social work clinicians and clinicians-in-training that catches up with rapid social changes and presents decisive plans for responding to the needs of an increasingly diverse clientele.
Following an overview of the principal frameworks for clinical practice including systems theory, behavioral and cognitive theories, and psychoanalytic theory, the book goes on to present the major social crises and new populations the social worker confronts each day. Theory and Practice in Clinical Social Work includes twenty-four original chapters by leading social work scholars and master clinicians who represent the widest variety of clinical orientations and specializations. Collectively these leading authors have treated nearly every conceivable clinical population, in virtually every practice context, using the full spectrum of treatment modalities.

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Systems Theory
Behavioral and Cognitive Theories
Psychoanalytic Theory
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