The Practice of English Language Teaching

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Longman, 1991 - 296 halaman
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In this new edition there is a new chapter on teaching vocabulary, a section on discovery techniques, more on task-based learning and learner training, and a recognition of the change of perception about what communicative competence might be. Many of the categories of communicative activities have been rearranged and there is a more detailed account of teacher roles, together with a section on the use of the mother tongue. The sample lesson plan has been changed and the many examples from textbooks generally reflect the materials now in use rather than those which were current when the first edition came out.

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Review: The Practice of English Language Teaching (Longman Handbooks for Language Teachers)

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This book is a must-read for all teachers, especially novice teachers. Baca ulasan lengkap


5 Teaching the productive skills
Introducing new language structure
Evaluating materials
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