The Words and Music of George Harrison

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Bloomsbury Academic, 23 Mar 2010 - 208 halaman
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This book offers a comprehensive assessment of the music of George Harrison, revealing him as one of the most gifted and authentic singer-songwriters of his generation.

The Words and Music of George Harrison is an in-depth appreciation of this often underappreciated musician, following Harrison's development as a singer-songwriter from his earliest songs with The Beatles through his final album, Brainwashed, released after his 2001 death from brain cancer.

The Words and Music of George Harrison sheds new light on Harrison's 40-year career, examining his music output in the context of the enormous personal and professional changes he underwent, from the early days in Liverpool and the global explosion of Beatlemania through a solo career marked by spiritual concerns, political activism, and high-profile collaborations. As the book shows, at every stage, George Harrison's songs posed questions, provided commentaries, and looked for solutions, with results that add up to a remarkable music legacy.

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Ian Inglis is reader in popular music studies at Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

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