The Sun Shines for All: Journalism and Ideology in the Life of Charles A. Dana

Sampul Depan
Syracuse University Press, 1 Sep 1993 - 232 halaman
In the first critical biography of Charles A. Dana in fifty years, Steele artfully weaves the great newspaper editor's vision, life, and work into the social and intellectual mood of the late nineteenth century. As one of the most influential publishers of the period, Dana defined and shaped the values of the working-class readers of the New York Sun. The Sun's motto, "It shines for all", captured Dana's uncompromising democratic ideal. Its pages exalted the proletariat's rhetoric and celebrated tolerance, ethnic diversity, and a broad commitment to social justice. Through a blend of social and media history, the author explores America's transition from a production-oriented society to a culture of consumption. Because of Dana's strong aversion to the consumerism that accompanied industrial capitalism, the Sun became both the conscience and the advocate for New York's working class. In the words of Joseph Pulitzer, Dana transformed the Sun into "the most piquant, entertaining, and without exception, the best newspaper in the world". At the core of the book is Dana's philosophy, his formative years and intellectual genesis at Brook Farm, his political emergence at the New York Tribune under Horace Greeley, and his alliances with other prominent figures of the day, including Ulysses S. Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx, Walt Whitman, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Steele includes unpublished photographs and draws upon Dana's personal correspondence from an array of manuscript collections never before cited.

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THE SUN SHINES FOR ALL: Journalism and Ideology in the Life of Charles A. Dana

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In the first biography of 19th-century newspaperman Charles A. Dana since Candace Stone's Dana and the Sun (1938), Steele (Rhetoric and Communications/Univ. of Virginia) cautiously depicts her subject ... Baca ulasan lengkap

The Sun shines for all: journalism and ideology in the life of Charles A. Dana

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Dana was much more than a flash in the pan of journalism history; as managing editor of the New York Tribune , he hired Karl Marx to write regular reports on European affairs. Full of lively and ... Baca ulasan lengkap


Brook Farm and the Harmony
The New York Tribune
The Civil
The Chicago Republican and Radical
The Politics of Independence
The Politics of Humor
The Politics
The Rise of a Culture of Consumption
The Independent Press
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