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Halaman 224 - Certain communities formerly belonging to the Turkish Empire have reached a stage of development where their existence as independent nations can be provisionally recognised subject to the rendering of administrative advice and assistance by a Mandatory until such time as they are able to stand alone.
Halaman 259 - We believe profoundly that the time has now come when the sheltered existence which we have given India cannot be prolonged without damage to her national life; that we have a richer gift for her people than any...
Halaman 219 - Nor are we fighting to deprive Turkey of its capital, or of the rich and renowned lands of Asia Minor and Thrace which are predominantly Turkish in race...
Halaman 317 - Putra" means one who saves his father's soul from the hell called Puta. A Hindu maiden unmarried at puberty is a source of social obloquy to her family, and of damnation to her ancestors.
Halaman 128 - A stir of excitement passed over the North of India. Even the remote villagers talked over the victories of Japan as they sat in their circles and passed round the huqqa (pipe) at night. One of the older men said to me, 'There has been nothing like it since the Mutiny.
Halaman 254 - The only lesson required in India at present is to learn how to die, and the only way to teach it is by dying ourselves. Therefore I die, and glory in my martyrdom.
Halaman 259 - India has hitherto attained ; that the placid, pathetic contentment of the masses is not the soil on which such Indian nationhood will grow, and that in deliberately disturbing it we are working for her highest good.
Halaman 223 - The aim which France and Great Britain have in view in waging in the East the war let loose on the world by German ambition, is to ensure the complete and final emancipation of all those peoples so long oppressed by the Turks...
Halaman 254 - I believe that a nation held down by foreign bayonets is in a perpetual state of war, since open battle is rendered impossible to a disarmed race. I attacked by surprise ; since guns were denied me I drew my pistol and fired.

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