The Nature Of Prejudice: 25th Anniversary Edition

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Basic Books, 1979 - 576 halaman
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The classic psychological study of the roots of discrimination.
First published in 1954, The Nature of Prejudice remains the standard work on discrimination. With profound insight into the complexities of the human experience, Harvard psychologist Gordon Allport organized a mass of research to produce a landmark study on the roots and nature of prejudice. Allport's comprehensive and penetrating work examines all aspects of this age-old problem: its roots in individual and social psychology, its varieties of expression, its impact on the individuals and communities. He explores all kinds of prejudice -- racial, religious, ethnic, economic and sexual -- and offers suggestions for reducing the devastating effects of discrimination.
In this unabridged edition, a new introduction by Kenneth B. Clark of Columbia University and a new preface by Thomas Pettigrew of Harvard University update the social-psychological research in prejudice and attest to the enduring values of Allport's original theories and insights.

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Review: The Nature of Prejudice

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very good book on what prejudice is and is not, how it evolves, and what we can do about it. If you have one book to read on this topic, this should be the one you choose Baca ulasan lengkap


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Gordon W. Allport was born in 1897 in Montezuma, Indiana. He received his AB, AM, and PhD in psychology from Harvard University, did postgraduate work abroad, and returned to Harvard in 1930, where he served as professor of psychology until his death in 1967. During his lifetime, Allport served as president of both the American and Eastern Psychological Associations, director of the National Opinion Research Center, and editor of the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology. His other books included The Psychology of Rumor, The Individual and His Religion, Personality, and Becoming.

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