The King's Curriculum: Self-Initiation for Self-Rulers

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Mannaz Media, 2 Feb 2020 - 204 halaman
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The King's Curriculum is an idea, a philosophy and a cosmology built upon the ancient tradition of Sacred Kingship. It connects man with his True Will and leads him on a divine path, securing his own Crown, Throne, and Kingdom in the process.

The mythic journey described in this book might be thought of as a metaphor for personal transformation, a sacred ritual of bringing order to one's consciousness as both a spiritual practice and practical approach for cultivating a fulfilling life.

How many men, when staring into the abyss of death, will regret a life wasted on trivialities? It is the rare Individual, indeed, who escapes this common fate. Few will be able to say they've commanded the course of their life, that they've crafted it into a WILLED shape. You could be among those few.

Ancient cultures developed a method for addressing this fundamental human dilemma, cultivating a long tradition of forging unconquerable men through initiatory rites. These sacred rites, often modeled on the hero's journey, were ordeals structured to test and transform the Initiate. Those who triumphed over these archetypal challenges became the heroes, prophets, and kings of legend. You are the descendants of these immortals and the inheritors of this great tradition. Who amongst the living is now prepared to take up this torch and carry it into the future?

This book with help you:

*Initiate your True Will

*Transform your life into a Ritual with meaning

*Cultivate the immortal legacy of your "I AM"

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Johnny Mannaz is a certified Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Over the past 10 years, he has worked to weave together a unique understanding of psychology, mythology, and ancient ritual practices to produce a modern form of spiritual initiation, one designed to tackle some of the most fundamental problems of human consciousness. Early in life, he became a student of the beliefs and spiritual practices of classical and ancient civilizations. At age 11, he inherited a fragment of the Great Pyramid's limestone casing from his an Uncle who had acquired it during his service in WWII. This fragment ignited in him a great fascination with Ancient Egypt. It also spawned a flowering interest in the power of ritual and occult symbolism. In time this led to an intense study of paganism, the runes, and the ancient practice of "solar spirituality." Throughout his life, this course of study has remained his primary creative interest. In 2012 he traveled to Egypt with an interest in constructing a working model for self-development from Egypt's ancient tradition of "sacred kingship." Seeking to translate the art, myth and symbolic structure of Egypt's temples into a philosophy applicable to modern times, it was at the Temple of Abydos, while contemplating the inscription of "the King's List," that he stumbled upon a unique model for renewing man's connection to the most ancient form of spiritual practice, which he termed "Spiritual Kingship." After years spent crafting his personal development project called The King's Curriculum, his ideas were finally committed to paper as a working form of initiation. This became the subject of his first published book "The King's Curriculum, Self-Initiation for Self-Rulers." Today he lives and continues to write in the Applegate Valley, Oregon.

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