The Definitive Business Plan: The Fast-track to Intelligent Business Planning for Executives and Entrepreneurs

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FT Press, 2002 - 312 halaman

Accessible to both the entrepreneur and the experienced executive, this second edition of The Definitive Business Plan is the fast track to intelligent business planning. This international bestseller is THE ultimate guide to business planning. Whether your goal is to launch a new business or secure corporate support for a new venture, it will help you build a plan capable of driving and directing a robust business.



A winning presentation
Getting down to it
Know yourself
Know the world
The core of your plan
About these numbers
Getting to gross profit
Getting to net profit
Funding the business
Managing risks
Getting it approved
Now make it happen
Tetrylus Inc business plan
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Businessman and authorRichard Stutely has unique insight to strategic and operational planning on both sides of the funding desk ¿ reviewing, preparing and using plans. He has handled business plans on every scale ¿ as a manager with HM Treasury (the UK finance ministry); a stockbroker and member of the London Stock Exchange; and subsequently as general manager of an international bank, where he saw business planning from a financial and funding perspective. More recently as managing director of multinational technology companies he has handled business planning focused on exploiting rapid change. His books include The Economist Guide to Economic Indicators (published in America as The Economist Guide to Global International Indicators), which helps the reader understand the wider environment for business, and The Economist Numbers Guide (published in several languages), which covers nearly all quantitative decision-making techniques for business. He has been interviewed in newspapers and on radio and television around the world and he has also written extensively for publications such as The Economist, The Accountant and The Banker. He also gives presentations on business planning to MBA students.

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