Seaweed Invasions: A Synthesis of Ecological, Economic, and Legal Imperatives

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Craig Richard Johnson
Walter de Gruyter, 2007 - 144 halaman

In recognising an urgent need to move beyond case studies and develop a conceptual synthesis, the scope of this volume is broad, covering the principal elements of both the invasion process and human responses to seaweed invasions. This includes addressing legal frameworks for regulatory control, practical means to track and respond to invasive seaweeds in the field, as well as the ecology of invasions. The result is both a valuable multidisciplinary synthesis of work to date, and a pointer to future challenges and priorities.

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Introduction Methods for identifying and tracking
Intentional introductions of commercially law and policy responses
establishment Conclusion
can the recipient Author information 139
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Craig R. Johnson, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australien

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