Sampling Techniques

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This book contains an account of the body of theory that has been built up to provide a background for good sampling methods. In most of the applications for which this theory was constructed, the aggregate about which information is desired is finite and delimited - the inhabitants of a town, the machines in a factory, the fish in a lake. In some cases it may seem feasible to obtain the information by taking a complete enumeration or census of the aggregate. Administrators accustomed to dealing with censuses were at first inclined to be suspicious of samples and reluctant to use them in place of censuses. Although this attitude no longer persists, it may be well to list the principal advantages of sampling as compared with complete enumeration.

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William G Cochran was a prominent statistician. He was born in Scotland but spent most of his life in the United States. Cochran studied mathematics at the University of Glasgow and the University of Cambridge. He worked at Rothamsted Experimental Station from 1934 to 1939, when he moved to the United States.

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