Qualitative Methods in Organizational Research: A Practical Guide

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Catherine Cassell, Gillian Symon
SAGE Publications, 9 Sep 1994 - 253 halaman
As the use of qualitative methods in organizational research and intervention has increased, so has the need for a volume that explores the variety of techniques and frameworks available. This invaluable book provides just such a resource, focusing on qualitative approaches in practice. An introduction considers the role and distinctive features of qualitative research methods in organizations, and discusses key debates about their use. The remainder of the book outlines a number of different approaches. The purpose, rationale and context of each approach is described, with guidelines on when and how it might be used. Case examples are used to illustrate costs and limits as well as advantages, and to draw out 'lessons learned' from practice. A feature of the volume is its attention to range and diversity. Thus well-known methods such as interviewing, participant observation and case studies are included alongside newer approaches such as stakeholder analysis and tracer studies. The contexts described span a wide spectrum of issues, from individual decision-making to personality assessment to working practices and employee relations, within organizations ranging from health-care services to multinational corporations. Qualitative Methods in Organizational Research will be indispensable reading for students and practitioners in occupational and organizational psychology, and organizational behaviour, and all those interested in qualitative research and intervention in organizations.

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