Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation

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Llewellyn Worldwide, 8 Feb 2020 - 264 halaman

Uncover the Secrets to Becoming a Powerful Psychic Witch

Popular writer and witch Mat Auryn reveals his most closely guarded tips, practices, and meditations for unlocking your psychic abilities and elevating your witchcraft into exciting new territory. Featuring over ninety exercises, this groundbreaking book helps your magick and your senses reach their full potential.

Witchcraft and psychism are two sides of the same coin—they complement and strengthen one another. Psychic Witch provides everything you need to not only master the perception and manipulation of energy, but also to perform magick anywhere and at any time. This ingenious book teaches you how to use subtle energy in new ways and manifest your perceptions into instant magickal results.



Awakening the Hands Exercise 31 Deep Feeling Exercise 32 Creating an Energy
Deep Listening
Homing In on Sounds and Creating Links
Creating Noise Associations
Hearing Spirits
Awakening the Mouth and Nose Exercise 39 Conjuring Smell and Taste
Creating Smell and Taste Associations

Psychic Affirmations
Meditation and Relaxation
Learning to Focus with Basic Meditation
Treasure Chest for Stress
Cocoon of Relaxation
Star Relaxation Exercise 8 The Psychic Dimmer
Elemental Square Breathing
Solar Breathing Exercise 11 Lunar Breathing
Raising Terrestrial Energy Exercise 14 Drawing Down Celestial Energy
Creating a Circuit
Entering Alpha
Setting a Psychic Prompt
Exiting Alpha Exercise 20 Psychic Cleanse
Calling Back Your Energy
Balancing and RePolarizing
Extrasensory Perception
The Black Roses
Psychic Activation by Candle Flame
Witch Eye Cleansing and Charging
Seeing Basic Auric Energies
Seeing the Auras Colors and Spirits
Purification and Shielding
Psychic Purification Exercise 42 Lifting Heavy Energies Out of a Place
Foundational Shielding and Protection
The Filter Shield
Full Shields Up The Elemental Fortress Technique
Psychic Security System
Psychic Password
The Triple Souls of the Witch
The Web of Interconnection
Performing a Health Scan
Memory Magick
Contemplative Inquiry
The Lower Self and the Shadow
SelfPossession Invoking the Lower Self
Dialoguing with the Shadow Self
Lower Self Glamour Spell
Telepathy with Animals and Small Children
The Higher Self and True Will
Flames of the Witchs Souls
Between the Worlds
The Elemental Forces
Terrestrial Energy
Celestial Energies
Multidimensional Manifestation

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Mat Auryn is a witch, professional psychic, and occult teacher. He is also the multi-award-winning author of the international bestselling book Psychic Witch and a High Priest in the Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft. He is a teacher at Modern Witch University, and has a column in Witches & Pagans magazine entitled "Extra-Sensory Witchcraft." He has been featured in various magazines, radio shows, podcasts, books, anthologies, and other periodicals. To find out more about him and his work, visit his website or follow him on Instagram @matauryn.

Devin Hunter is the bestselling author of The Witch's Book of Power, The Witch's Book of Spirits, The Witch's Book of Mysteries, the critically acclaimed Modern Witch, and Crystal Magic for the Modern Witch. Initiated into multiple occult orders, Devin is the founder of the Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft and co-founder of the Black Rose Tradition of Witchcraft. He hosts the Modern Witch podcast, recommended by both the AV Club and Glamour, and he's co-owner of Datura Trading Co. Visit him at


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