Procrastination: Why You Do It, What to Do about It Now

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Da Capo Life Long, 2008 - 322 halaman
Based on their workshops and counseling experience, psychologists Jane B. Burka and Lenora M. Yuen offer a probing, sensitive, and at times humorous look at a problem that affects everyone: students and scientists, secretaries and executives, homemakers and salespeople. Procrastination identifies the reasons we put off tasks—fears of failure, success, control, separation, and attachment—and their roots in our childhood and adult experiences. The authors offer a practical, tested program to overcome procrastination by achieving set goals, managing time, enlisting support, and handling stress. Burka and Yuen even provide tips on living and working with the procrastinators you may know.

Wise, effective, and easy to use, this new edition shows why for 25 years Procrastination has been an immediate must-have for anyone who puts things off until tomorrow.

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Ulasan Pengguna  - turtlesleap - LibraryThing

Not useful. the book meanders through a series of long, detailed explanations about why people procrastinate, and why some people procrastinate to a point that is damaging, then falters. Given that ... Baca ulasan lengkap

Review: Procrastination: Why You Do It, What To Do About It

Ulasan Pengguna  - Amie - Goodreads

I've been reading this book for over a decade now. It's been on my bookshelf in at least 5 different houses. More than 5. It's pretty good so far... Baca ulasan lengkap


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Jane B. Burka, Ph.D. and Lenora M. Yuen, Ph.D. are psychologists who practice in Berkeley and Palo Alto, California, respectively. They have conducted workshops and seminars for corporate and public groups nationwide.

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