Perfection Makes Practice: Learning, Emotion, and the Recited Quran in Indonesia

Sampul Depan
University of Hawaii Press, 30 Apr 2004 - 360 halaman
The last decade has seen widespread Islamic religious revitalization in Southeast Asia, a region with a Muslim population almost as large as that of the entire Arabic-speaking Middle East. One such movement in 1990s Indonesia promoted engagement with the Qurân through memorization, reading, skilled performance, and popular competitions in recitation. This movement drew on longstanding structures of Islamic education and piety, social interests, Southeast Asian patterns of performance and aesthetics, and unique features of the Qurân itself. Based on fieldwork in South Sulawesi and elsewhere in Indonesia, Perfection Makes Practice vividly portrays Indonesian Muslims' committed practice of perfecting their own (and others') Qurânic piety.

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Attentive Modes of Preserving the Quran
Affective ABCs of Learning
Emotional Projects of Performance and Pedagogy
Promoting Motivated Participation
An Envy of Goodness
Selected Bibliography
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