On Forgiveness: How Can We Forgive the Unforgivable?

Sampul Depan
Canongate, 2002 - 98 halaman
Using Derrida's provocative paradox as the epigraph and starting point for his new book, Richard Holloway tackles the complex theme of forgiveness. It is a subject that he explores from both a personal and political perspective but underpinning this examination is his belief that religion has given us many of the best stories and metaphors for understanding the act. He proceeds to relate forgiveness to such events as September 11th, the Truth Commission in South Africa, and the ongoing conflicts in Palestine/Israel, Northern Ireland and Serbia.
On Forgiveness is a discourse on how forgiveness works, where it came from and how the need to embrace it is greater than ever if we are to free ourselves from the binds of the past. Drawing on philosophers and writers of the calibre of George Steiner, Friedrich Nietzsche, Hannah Arendt and Nelson Mandela, Holloway has written another fascinating and timely book.

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