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Booktango, 19 Nov 2015
In this novel the author tells the life story of a young man named Nomad who later in life became a Commander of the lead thousands of big troops named "Giant", Nomad was the son of a commander who was very respected by the royal anywhere, he was named Commander Stolen, background a kingdom in this novel contains tricks and intrigue, tactics and strategy of war, the author delves into the life story of Nomad starts from childhood until his death, which characterized the life of love and sorrow, it can be said that this novel tells the story perfect, in this novel part of the story the story shows the struggle of life Nomad to be separated from malicious actions performed by the King Krone, King Krone presided over a kingdom that is very widely called the Kingdom Amros, King Krone also has some allies in the form of small kingdoms others, King Krone has a character that is cruel, ruthless , hungry for power, the actions always aim to gain power, even with cunning tricks, King Krone managed to break the power of the Kingdom Nortic, which is a very powerful kingdom and also prosperous, besides King Krone also be the cause of the murder of both parents Nomad.

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