Multicultural and Multilingual Literacy and Language: Contexts and Practices

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Fenice B. Boyd, Cynthia H. Brock, Mary S. Rozendal
Guilford Publications, 2004 - 338 halaman
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Within a clear conceptual framework, this book explores ways that teachers, reading specialists, administrators, and teacher educators can provide more effective literacy instruction to K-9 students from diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. Cutting-edge theory and research is interwoven with detailed case studies that bring to life the complexities of teaching in today's multicultural and multilingual classroom. Topics covered include:

*How and why culture matters in literacy instruction
*Drawing on students' multiple literacies in the classroom
*Motivating and engaging English-language learners
*Steps that teachers can take to heighten their cultural awareness and skills
*Tapping into family and community resources for literacy learning

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Fenice B. Boyd, PhD, is Associate Professor of Literacy Education in the Department of Learning and Instruction at the University at Buffalo -- State University of New York. She earned her doctorate from Michigan State University in Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy with a speciality in Literacy. Dr. Boyd's research centers on adolescents who struggle with literacy learning and schooling, students' responses to young adult and multicultural literature, and issues related to diversity in classrooms. At the University at Buffalo, she teaches master's and doctoral courses focused on reading comprehension research; adolescent literacy; language arts; young adult literature; and language, literacy, and culture.

Cynthia H. Brock, PhD, is Associate Professor of Literacy Studies in the Department of Educational Specialties at the University of Nevada, Reno. Her primary teaching interests include literacy instruction for children in the middle and upper elementary grades, literacy and diversity, and qualitative methods. Dr. Brock's primary research interests include studying the literacy learning of upper elementary children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. She also explores how to work with preservice and inservice teachers to foster the literacy learning of children from diverse backgrounds at the upper elementary level.

Mary S. Rozendal, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Literacy Education in the Department of Learning and Instruction at the University at Buffalo -- State University of New York. She teaches literacy methods courses that center on instruction for students with disabilities, teacher collaboration in general and special education, and classroom discourse.

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