Marketing Communication: Writing With Love For Student and Business Practitioners

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BookRix, 4 Jul 2021 - 90 halaman

This book is the result of my learning as a writer. This book is written with love for students and business practitioners, especially young people. Based on a considerable love for education. This book comes in the form of the transfer of knowledge and experience to young people, especially students. And of course, this book was written with deep and pure love.

This book discusses 4 important chapters in communication marketing, namely:

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Organizational Communication

Chapter 3. Marketing Scope

Chapter 4. Marketing Communication Strategy

Chapter 1 introduces what is communication, marketing, and marketing communication. Chapter 2 focuses more on the communication model and understanding of communication. Chapter 3 focuses on understanding marketing and chapter 4. discusses what is a communication strategy and strategy.

I hope that this book will be of benefit to readers.


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