Instructional-design Theories and Models: An overview of their current status, Volume 1

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Charles M. Reigeluth
Psychology Press, 1983 - 487 halaman
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Instructional Design Theories and Models is a thorough yet concise overview of eight of the most comprehensive and best-known attempts to integrate knowledge about effective and appealing instruction. Chapters were written by the original theorists to provide a more accurate and behind-the-scenes look at the theories' development.

Instructional Design Theories and Models will provide educators, researchers, and students with:

* easy access to a broad range of integrated prescriptions for improving the quality of instruction

* chapters facilitating analysis, understanding, and evaluation of the theories

* editors' notes, chapter forewords, and a commentary chapter that identify similarities and differences among the instructional theories

* introductory chapters that provide guidance for developing a common knowledge base of integrated prescriptions

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