How to Write a Marketing Plan

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Kogan Page Publishers, 3 Nov 2010 - 144 halaman
How to Write a Marketing Plan makes the task of writing a marketing plan much easier. This practical step-by-step guide details how to formulate a workable and successful plan. Fully updated and packed with exercises to help the reader produce sections of their own marketing plan, this comprehensive workbook looks at all the essential stages, including: carrying out a marketing audit; setting objectives and the strategies to achieve them; devising budgets; writing and implementing the plan. How to Write a Marketing Plan is ideal as an individual study guide for group marketing planning exercises, as well as being a useful resource for marketing courses.

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1 Introduction
2 Situation analysis the marketing audit
3 Objectives strategies and action plans
4 Distribution promotion and budgets
5 Writing the plan
6 Presenting the plan followup and revision
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John Westwood has held a wide variety of senior sales and marketing positions and is currently the sales and marketing director of a company in a major multinational group. He is the author of 30 Minutes to Write a Marketing Plan (also Kogan Page).

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