Green Supply Chains: An Action Manifesto

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John Wiley & Sons, 16 Mar 2010 - 320 halaman
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This book answers the following five fundamental questions:

  • What are the tangible and intangible benefits of moving towards a green supply chain?
  • What are the costs, both direct and indirect?
  • What influence do we have over our suppliers, their suppliers and our customers that would allow us to jointly work together and move the supply chain towards a green supply chain?
  • How will we communicate and measure our progress towards the green supply chain to the key stakeholders? How will we engage them?
  • What barriers to green supply chains can be expected and how can these be overcome?

For all those responsible for steering supply chain decisions this book will be an invaluable asset, particularly as the 'greening of business' grows ever important.


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Title Page
Introduction to Green Supply Chains
Green Production
Chapter 2 Impact on Bottom Line through Green Supply Chains
Green Supply Chain Planning
Green Procurement and Sourcing
Green Supply Chain Execution
Chapter 6
Supply Loops
Carbon Management
Migration Strategy
References and Bibliography
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Tentang pengarang (2010)

Stuart Emmett: MSc (Cranfield UK); BA Hons (OU); FCILT; FCMI: MCIPD; MCIPS; M.Inst.LM.

Stuart Emmett has a background in supply chain, logistics and international trade. Based in the UK; he has also resided in Nigeria.

Since 1998, as CEO of Learn & Change Ltd, he works as a mentor, trainer/consultant and is the author of many books on management and supply chain topics.

He currently works with many industries and with many nationalities spread over five continents. Qualified at Masters Level from Cranfield University, he is also a Chartered Fellow and Chartered Member of many institutes covering the Supply Chain, Leadership, Management and People Development.

Vivek Sood

Vivek Sood is pro-active in creating, configuring, and formulating effective, secure and sustainable supply chains around the world. With supply chain experience of more than 25 years in operations, strategy and transformations Vivek's teams have worked on more than 100 blue chip projects on all continents adding in excess of $500 million in value to their clients' businesses. Large corporations rely on Vivek to deliver outstanding results in their supply chain strategy & supply chain sustainability.

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