From Third World to First: The Singapore Story, 1965-2000

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Singapore Press Holdings, 2000 - 778 halaman
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Lee Kuan Yew presided over the transformation of Singapore from a fractious and squalid colonial backwater into one of the shining jewels of Asia. In less than half a century, through economic and social engineering, Singapore has melded a multi-ethnic, multi-racial population into a thriving, safe and productive society that boasts the world's busiest maritime port, nearly nonexistent unemployment, and a lower infant mortality rate than the United States. In this volume that chronicles the social and economic triumphs that made headlines around the world, Lee Kuan Yew reveals the strategies that made him one of the world's most powerful elder statesmen, and takes a look at the burgeoning economic and political might of China and its portents for the future. --From publisher's description.

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