Contemporary Developments in Indonesian Islam: Explaining the "conservative Turn"

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Martin van Bruinessen
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2013 - 240 halaman
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"Once celebrated in the Western media as a shining example of a 'liberal' and 'tolerant' Islam, Indonesia since the end of the Soeharto regime (May 1998) has witnessed a variety of developments that bespeak a conservative turn in the country's Muslim politics. In this timely collection of original essays, Martin van Bruinessen, our most distinguished senior Western scholar of Indonesian Islam, and four leading Indonesian Muslim scholars explore and explain these developments. Each chapter examines recent trends from a strategic institutional perch: the Council of Indonesian Muslim scholars, the reformist Muhammadiyah, South Sulawesi's Committee for the Implementation of Islamic Shari'a, and radical Islamism in Solo. With van Bruinessen's brilliantly synthetic introduction and conclusion, these essays shed a bright light on what Indonesian Muslim politics was and where it seems to be going. The analysis is complex and by no means uniformly dire. For readers interested in Indonesian Muslim politics, and for analysts interested in the dialectical interplay of progressive and conservative Islam, this book is fascinating and essential reading." -Robert Hefner, Director Institute on Culture, Religion, and World Affairs, Boston University

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Contemporary Developments in Indonesian Islam and the Conservative Turn of the Early TwentyFirst Century
2 Overview of Muslim Organizations Associations and Movements in Indonesia
The Majelis Ulama Indonesia and the Politics of Religious Orthodoxy
The Struggle for the Face of Reformist Islam in Indonesia
The Struggle of the KPPSI in South Sulawesi
A Study of the Proliferation of Radical Islam in Solo Central Java
The Survival of Liberal and Progressive Muslim Thought in Indonesia
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Martin van Bruinessen is Emeritus Professor of Comparative Studies of Contemporary Muslim Societies at Utrecht University, and from 1999 to 2008 was one of the chairs at the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World. 

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