China's Megatrends: The 8 Pillars of a New Society

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Tantor Media, 10 Mei 2014
Most of those who look at China with interest, fear, reprobation, courtesy, hope, or simple curiosity see the future and sustainability of China as adapting to the Western economic and value system. But what is the scenario from a Chinese point of view?
Taking an inside-out approach, John and Doris Naisbitt explain what enabled China to change in only thirty years from a nation of poverty and backwardness to become the third largest economy of the world, beat Germany as export champion, and challenge America as the most competitive. China has reinvented itself as if it were a huge enterprise, developing a company culture that fits the demands of the enterprise and its people on the path to modernity and wealth.
Looking for patterns that form the picture of the new China, the Naisbitts found what was of much greater dimension and importance than the economic rise of China: China is creating an entirely new social and economic system. It is creating a political counter-model to Western modern democracy fitting to Chinese history and society, just as America created a model fitting to its history, society, and values more than 200 years ago.
Economically and politically, China has left the path of imitation, determined to become the innovation country of the world. In the next decades, China will not only change the global economy, it will challenge Western democracy with its own model.

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CHINA'S MEGATRENDS: The 8 Pillars of a New Society

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An analysis of economic, social and political patterns that attempts to explain the Chinese economic miracle.John Naisbitt—who wrote the megaselling Megatrends: Ten New Directions Transforming Our ... Baca ulasan lengkap

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Doris Naisbitt, a board member of the Naisbitt China Institute, has also served as head of the Signum publishing house in Germany. John Naisbitt is the world's leading trend forecaster and the author of "Megatrends," which sold more than nine million copies and was on the "New York Times" bestseller list for over two years.
Lloyd James has been narrating since 1996, has recorded over six hundred books in almost every genre, has earned six "AudioFile" Earphones Awards, and is a two-time nominee for the prestigious Audie Award.

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