Building Your Company's Good Name: How to Create & Protect the Reputation Your Organization Wants & Deserves

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AMACOM, 1996 - 200 halaman
Customers today are a fickle lot. On the one hand, they demand that companies behave like good citizens and good neighbors; on the other, they're disillusioned and mistrustful of most businesses. A company's reputation, then, is one of its key assets. You need to manage your company's good name or get ready to lose it.
To deal with this, organizations are pulling people from throughout their ranks - sales, finance, marketing, human resources, law, and other areas - and handing them the monumental responsibility of creating and preserving their good name. It's a nerve-racking, high-visibility duty that few have the experience or skills to handle.
Here is the one essential survival kit to navigating the murky, dangerous waters of reputation management. Building Your Company's Good Name gives you the checklists, step-by-step instructions, and real world examples you need to succeed.

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Davis Young is president of the prestigious public relations firm of Edward Howard & Co.

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