Before Dawn

Sampul Depan
Lontar Foundation, 2012 - 186 halaman
Before Dawn is a poetry collection written by Sapardi Djoko Damono: with contents written from 1961 to 2001, portraying the poet at different stages of life. Opened by "One Night" , written in 1964 when he was a young Moslem boy crying outside a church door as his classmates celebrated Christmas, the book ends with "Before Dawn" , written in 2001 when he was much older, pondering about frailty and mortality. Through his poems--the meaning, the sounds, the rhythm--Sapardi has proven himself capable of depicting the imaginative awareness of experience.

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Tentang pengarang (2012)

Sapardi Djoko Damono has published more than fifteen poetry anthologies, three volumes of short stories, and a score of nonfiction titles. He has also translated dozens of literary works.

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