Balinese Masks: Spirits of an Ancient Drama

Sampul Depan
Periplus, 2003 - 128 halaman
'Balinese masks' is an introduction to a visual and spiritual journey into the drama of Balinese culture. Readers will enjoy the beautiful photographs as they learn about the cultural, historical, and religious significance of Balinese masks, many of which have never been seen by the public. A preface by anthropologist Hildred Geertz of Princeton University explains how the masks are a part of village life, and an entire chapter is devoted to how masks are made. The masks presented in this book will take readers on a journey into the sacred rituals of Bali. Photographed at private collections and museums, Balinese Masks will reveal the cultural and religious significance of the dramas in which these masks are used. It also contains the enchanting stories of the performances.

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Judy Slattum was curator of the "Balinese Traditional Masks" exhibition at the 1991 Festival of Indonesia in the US and of the touring national exhibition. She writes frequently on Bali and conducts cultural tours of the island with her husband, I Made Surya, a Balinese mask dancer. She lives in Northern California.

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