Asia Pacific in World Politics

Sampul Depan
Lynne Rienner Publishers, Incorporated, 2016 - 407 halaman
Capturing the most recent currents in world affairs¿without sacrificing historical context¿the second edition of Asia Pacific in World Politics reflects more than a decade of new developments. The focus on the region¿s major state actors has now been broadened to include an entirely new chapter on India and greatly expanded treatment of both Russia and Australia. The role of international organizations is also thoroughly covered, as are the conflicts involving Taiwan and Korea and the complexities of international politics in Southeast Asia.Incorporating discussions of security broadly defined, political economy, development, human rights, refugees, and much more, this up-to-date text offers an introduction to Asia Pacific¿s dynamic role in world politics that will encourage students to engage with contemporary issues and debates.Derek McDougall is professor of political Science at the University of Melbourne.

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