Air Cargo and Logistics: Classics and Contemporary Practice

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Elsevier Science, 15 Jan 2029 - 352 halaman

Air Cargo and Logistics: Classics and Contemporary Practice presents a thorough and detailed analysis of the most relevant research and literature related to the industry. The book examines critical management practices and business models, synthesizing findings from more than 40 journal articles. Topics reflect traditional management issues, such as pricing and economic deregulation, along with more contemporary issues, such as the environment, sustainability, security and air cargo alliances. Each chapter breaks down studied literature and research, reviewing key concepts and their application to today's air cargo industry and presenting key terms, models and case studies related to the research.

The book is ideal for readers of all levels, no matter their career level or stage of education. Researchers, academics, and practitioners, including air cargo airline employees, freight forwarders, integrators, consultants, financers, airport management, and policymakers will find the comprehensive review of research a valuable reference on the topic.

  • Focuses on air cargo and logistics and issues facing the industry
  • Provides a detailed analysis on the leading research and literature on air cargo, making it accessible to researchers, academics, students and industry practitioners
  • Features a comprehensive review of the key concepts, terms, selective case studies and models covered in leading air cargo research
  • Presents insights into recent air cargo trends related to concepts featured in foundational literature and research
  • Explains, in layman's terms, how key concepts can be applied to the industry's current challenges

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He is the Director of the ILTS Ph.D. program, in addition to serving in other leadership roles. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Air Transport Management (Elsevier), Associate Editor of the Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management (AOSIS Publishing), a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and an appointed member of the U.S. Transportation Research Board (TRB) standing Committees on Aviation Economics, Air Cargo and Light Commercial and General Aviation. He has been involved in a number of projects on air cargo, transport economics, policy and management for a range of clients such as the European Commission, Transport for NSW, and a number of major airlines.

He is author and co-author of a number of papers and publications. Recent research work focuses on the impact of policies on the development of the commuter bus industry, the public transport tendering system, as well as general overviews of developments in public transport and the aviation industry in South Africa. He also serves on a number of committees appointed by the Department of Transport (South Africa) and has been a member of the steering committee for the recently completed Gauteng Master Plan. He has also been a specialist adviser to the Southern African Bus Operators Association since 1989. He serves on the editorial panel of the Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management and is a Fellow of the Institute of Transport and Logistics, London, and Member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Practitioners.

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