Stylistics: Prospect & Retrospect

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David L. Hoover, Sharon Lattig
Rodopi, 1 Jan 2007 - 212 halaman
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Stylistics: Prospect & Retrospect looks backward toward classic and foundational approaches and texts that helped to establish the field of stylistics. It also looks forward by examining recent innovations that seem likely to alter the ways in which style is studied in the years to come. The essays presented here, written by an array of experts from nine countries on four continents, employ a wide range of approaches to works that range from romantic poetry to contemporary fiction and from traditional folktales and nursery rhymes to contemporary film. The variety of authors, approaches, and works found here testifies to the vitality of the field of stylistics, and these essays should appeal to all those interested in the nature of style and in the history and future of stylistics.ContentsAcknowledgements Notes on ContributorsDavid L. HOOVER: PrefaceDavid L. HOOVER & Sharon LATTIG: IntroductionPart I: Foregrounding, Estrangement, and PatternWillie VAN PEER, Sonia ZYNGIER & Jemeljan HAKEMULDER: Foregrounding: Past, Present, FutureAnne BIRIEN: Modernist Poetics of Estrangement: Ezra Pound?s Answer to Stephane MallarmeRobin J. SOWARDS: Local Interpretation and the Syntax of Keats?s 'To Autumn?Part II: Formal Analysis and the Analysis of FormHenrik SCHARFE: Story Elements as SetsYuchau E. HSIAO: The Metrical Structure of Taiwanese Nursery Rhymes: A Corpus StudyUlf CRONQUIST: Embodiment and the Irreducible Sign: Towards a Theoretical Anthropo-Semiotic Grounding for Literary Textual AnalysisPart III: Speech and Thought PresentationVioleta SOTIROVA: Historical Transformations of Free Indirect StyleJohn DOUTHWAITE: Using Speech and Thought Presentation to Validate Hypotheses Regarding the Nature of the Crime Novels of Andrea CamilleriMick SHORT: How to Make a Drama out of a Speech Act: The Speech Act of Apology in the Film A Fish Called WandaBibliographyIndex

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